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…If you want to buy a property abroad, it is good to use a real estate agent. I used the services of FC FINANCE-CONSULT CR to visit selected residences in Bulgaria. After I chose one, I gave a power of attorney to Mr. Assen Karailiev to transfer the property. He saved me a lot of time, and I can recommend his company services…

Erika Kozelová , Kosice , Slovakia

.. as owner of a property in the Marina Cape resort, I can say only that from the beginning I was just pleasantly surprised by the complex, the level of the services, and the architecture of the buildings. We made a decision thanks to Mr. Assen Karailiev. His professionalism and human approach convinced us to make the investment…

Ing . Joseph Trnka , Banska Bystrica , Slovakia

…In the summer of 2007, I learned about an interesting project in Bulgaria. I enjoyed my visit, and I decided to buy an apartment with a magnificent sea view. There are various services for the residents of the complex - a fun and wellness center, swimming pools, restaurants, shops, and a hairdresser. With my family we spent a time there in 2008, and we were very satisfied . It is an excellent investment for the future …

J. Pleva , Bratislava , Slovakia

… In December 2007 I was in Bulgaria for the first time in my life as a potential investor, but not on holiday. I wondered why more and more people are visiting Bulgaria. During this trip I understood the reason! I was shocked from the huge steps that Bulgaria made-complexes and services comparable to any destination in Europe. The two week's family holiday in August 2008in my own apartment in the 4-star Marina Cape complex was one of the best holidays in the last 15 years. The financial Services delivered by FC FINANCE-CONSULT have been on a professional level …

Michal Kovac, Presov, Slovakia

" Hi Assen. I want to thank you for everything you did for me concerning my private investment in MC and generally for the property transfer and all actions around that. I know you did an excellent job also for my friends who also invested. Thanks a lot!

Regards, Eng. Pavol Hunák, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

…finally I’d like to thank your company and especially you, Mr. Karailiev, for your help with my investment. I appreciate that everything was done without any problems and complications. In particular I realize now that this is not quite normal because I unfortunately had a completely different experience with a different advisor. Thanks again!

Dr. B. Havlíková, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Assen, thank you for helping myself and my company for all transfers you did home and abroad.

V.Moroz, Prague, Czech Republic

…When I decided to invest in real estate, I decided to do it in Bulgaria. After careful selection of the consultant company, I chose FC FINANCE-CONSULT CR with Managing Director Eng. Assen Karailiev for his professional yet personal approach , as well as his language skills…

J.Nyvlt, attorney at law, Czech Republic

…three years ago we made an investment in Bulgaria through Assen Karailiev and his company. We were first invited to explore the possibilities for several days. We were satisfied with all of the services that Mr. Karailiev provided, including transfers, records, and payments. I would like to recommend this consultancy to all…

Katerina V. Prague, Czech Republic

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